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Welcome to the Covina Fire Department Family Experience

A place to gather for former members of the Covina Fire Department and their families and friends


Covina Fire History

The Covina Fire Department began as a volunteer fire brigade in the late 1800's. When an emergency occurred, the church bell would be rung, and local residents, businessmen and ranchers would respond to help.


As the community developed, the City of Covina was formed in 1882, and in 1902 the Covina Fire Department was established to serve it’s 1500 residents and businesses. The first Fire Chief was Alois Nigg, the local blacksmith, who had built the hand drawn hose cart and the horse drawn hook and ladder for the fire department.


In 1930 the department moved from the shed on College Street to a new building that included City Hall and a jail.


In 1940, the first full time firefighter, Barney Dial was hired. This was the beginning of the full paid professional fire department that developed in the 1950's that included the addition of two more fire stations on Cypress Street, and the addition of modern Crown Firecoach apparatus, along with the personnel to operate it.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s the department continued to grow, and in 1975 the first paramedic program was instituted. Soon after, a new police and fire facility was built, and once again the fire department moved to new quarters.


During the 1980's the cities of Covina and West Covina attempted a merger of their respective fire departments into what was then known as the San Gabriel Valley Fire Authority in an attempt to develop regional fire protection in the area. A few years later, it was disbanded and Covina resumed operation of it’s own fire department.


In 1998, the Covina Fire Department ceased to exist, and its personnel and apparatus were consolidated into the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

2023 marks 25 years since the Covina Fire Department was consolidated into the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The former members of the Covina Fire Department continue to gather each year to celebrate the accomplishments of its members and honor the lives of those who have passed. This website is intended as place for them to visit to remember their common history and values as members of the Covina Fire family. 

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Resources for Survivors

The following resources are for our members to use in the event one of our brothers pass. Ideally they would be used as advance planning to ease the burden on our families. There are two versions; one for City of Covina retirees, and another for LACoFD retirees. 

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