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Sunday, May 19th
11am - 3pm
Our Annual Reunion

Our annual reunion is an expression of our values, and an opportunity to reconnect, support and re-live some of those great times we had as members of the Covina Fire family while honoring the careers of those that have retired and the lives of those who have passed. 

The Covina Fire Department had a rich history of pride in maintaining a sense of family within the department. The Covina Fire Reunion was created when the Covina Fire Department was consolidated into the Los Angeles County Fire Department in 1998. The intention was to provide our working members and retirees a place and time to gather and share our common culture, heritage, history and values, and to preserve the close bonds we developed over the years. In general, once a department is consolidated into LACoFD, the retirees become somewhat orphaned from the culture they helped build. The fire houses they spent their careers in are still there, but the firefighters who remembered them are no longer there to welcome them when they drop by to visit. While consolidation into the LACoFD was a long time goal for generations of firefighters in Covina, and we are very proud to “wear the bear”, our culture in Covina taught us to not forget those who were the architects of our department. We can be justifiably proud of being members of both departments. Over the years, your reunion committee has evolved to provide assistance to our members and kept you informed of significant events that affect us all.

Who We Remember This Year
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Food & Activities

Please join us for a day filled with food, fun and brotherhood. Every year we honor the years retirees and fondly remember those brothers we lost over the years. It's a great chance to reconnect, recharge and remember. 


Share a meal family style and remember the good times we shared as members of the Covina Fire Department family. 


Join us as we continue the tradition of honoring the careers of our members who have retired. 


We remember the lives and careers of our brother firefighters who have passed.

  • How can I pay for my donation/contribution?
    When you RSVP here on the site, you'll receive an email with the flyer and reservation form. Please mail back the top half of the reservation form to Buzz with your payment, or you may Venmo us with the information we give in that same email. Please check your spam folders in case this email ends up there, and send in your RSVP and payment at least two weeks before the event so that we can provide enough food for everyone. You'll also still receive your flyer and reservation form via email and mail. Please let us know if you no longer want a paper/mailed flyer and registration form.
  • Where should we park/not park?
    We are no longer allowed to park in the former Masonic Temple parking lot. Anywhere else on the street designated as legal parking is fine.
  • What should we bring?
    Tables and chairs will be provided. You are welcome to bring pictures to share and a potluck/side dish would be appreciated.
  • Why do we have an annual reunion?
    Our Covina Fire Department annual reunion started because our members have always held a respect and appreciation for those that came before us, and all they taught us. We were raised in a culture that valued our fire family, and wanted to continue to nurture those bonds. Most departments that are consolidated into the county do not maintain those bonds, but we as former Covina firefighters have a well earned reputation for closeness with our brothers. We are proud of our relationships with each other and are also proud of being part of the Los Angeles County Fire Department. In a very real sense, we have the best of both worlds in the Fire brotherhood.
  • Why did we change venues?
    We have changed venues in response to requests from our members to have the event in Covina, but also because our old venue was impacted by security concerns and the decision made to move the L.A.County Fair to May. This would have created issues with parking and security at our event. Our previous venue, by the way, had been secured by Larry Jordan’s contacts with the City of Pomona while he was working. After he retired, it was uncertain if this arrangement could be continued, and if not, we would not be able to afford it. Last year, Rudy Gilson was able to get the City of Covina park fees waived for us, and he did so again this year. We greatly appreciate the City of Covina’s generosity in allowing us the use of Heritage Park.
  • Why was it necessary to raise the price of attending the reunion?
    Over the 25 years of our event, we have always been a non-profit organization. The continuance of our annual event has survived through our committee members ingenuity in getting deals on venues and members donations to our annual reunion picnic. When we moved back to Covina, it necessitated our renting tables and chairs as Covina had no venue that provided these for free. In addition, the cost of the plaques, food and almost everything else nearly doubled. We very nearly were wiped out last year. I think we all have noticed the price of nearly everything rising. We will continue to be a non-profit organization, but the only way we can continue is to break even each year. As a side note, the cost increase does not include our new website. Our website is free, and the design/time was donated by one of our committee member's family members.
Image by Nejc Soklič
Reunion Reservation

Your RSVP helps us plan how much food to buy.

Please help us plan ahead by mailing your RSVP by April 25th.

If you can’t make it, please let us know:

Looking forward to seeing you! We will send an email soon with payment details, so please check your spam folders in case our message gets lost there.

Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Pay with Venmo!

If paying with Venmo, please fill out the RSVP form above, and let us know in your Venmo notes who the payment is for so we can attribute your payment to you. 
Thank you! 

Heritage Plaza Park is also Called Civic Center Park and is located in front of the Covina P.D. building
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